training & development

We are skilled and certified trainers and facilitators. We offer a wide range of diverse training, development and coaching programs. If the training need is industry or function specific we can tailor a program to fit the needs of your business. For specific training opportunities please contact us!

What we offer:

Executive Leadership and Management Training

  • Board of Directors

  • Executive Coaching

  • Building High Performing Leadership Teams

  • Emerging Leaders

  • Management Training

    • The 1, 2, 3 ‘s of Management: A Training & Development Crash Course

Harassment & Discrimination Training

  • Harassment & Discrimination for Business Leaders and Managers

  • Harassment & Discrimination for Employees

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Building and Blending a Diverse Workforce

  • Generational Collide: From Gen Z to Gen G.I. (The “Silent Generation”). Understanding the Generational Gaps in the Workplace.


  • Creating a Culture of Accountability

Functional Expertise Training

  • People & Culture / Human Resources

  • Accounting

  • Sales & Business Development

  • Customer Service

Executive and Leadership Retreats: We have some of the best retreat planners this side of the Mississippi! WTP will manage your leadership retreat from top to bottom, including;

  • Location/site selection

  • Scheduling

  • Retreat management & planning

  • Training and activities management