Free Consultation!
Receive up to one hour of free consulting services to discuss, review, and make recommendations on employment, policy and procedure, regulatory compliance, and management needs and/or issues. We will meet with your HR and Tribal Leadership team by phone or onsite.

Personnel Policies – 101
Review personnel / HR policies and highlight issues unique to employment and HR in Indian Country. Provide recommendations for next steps via conference call or on-site for tribes located within 75 miles of OKC.

Personnel Policies – 102
Review and update personnel / HR policies with full revision of the tribe’s employment handbook.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
When a tribe or business is growing, it is often highly dependent on the leader for all major decisions. As a tribe or business reaches a certain size, this form of decision making can limit its capacity to grow further since the leader cannot possibly make all decisions properly. Additional management and documented SOP's are required to allow the tribe or business to continue growing, and also establish a succession plan and train the growing employee base.

Tribal Files, Recordkeeping, and Audit Structure
Best Practices for HR, Personnel, and Compliance files including review and audit.

Job Descriptions
Evaluate, draft, or revise job descriptions.

Compensation and Benefits Study
Are you attracting and retaining the right talent? Are wages and benefits competitive with the market?  

Performance Metrics & Dashboard
Can you measure the health & sustainability of your organization? Do you know how much employee turnover costs? Are you measuring ROI? We will help you understand the importance of metrics at every level of the business. We will work with you to identify metrics that make sense for your business. In today's competitive market you cannot afford to have a pulse on organizational cost or performance.   


Indian Preference Law & Tribal Sovereignty
Federal employment laws and the Tribes: Understanding which laws are silent, implied, and expressed. (1 day)  I-9 Compliance – Review all requirements under the Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) to ensure compliance. Fines for non-compliance can be costly! (2 hours)

Employees on Leave
Understanding the complicated issues when employees go on leave. We will discuss best practices, the ADA, and FMLA. (4 hours)

Wage and Hour
The DOL regulates all wage and hour laws. We will discuss the many issues surrounding non-exempt and exempt employees and these classifications. (4 hours)

Best practices for records maintenance for the employment life cycle, including pre-employment, medical, discipline, drug and alcohol testing, payroll records, safety, investigations, termination, I-9's and others. (2 hours)

NLRA & Unions
Understanding the NLRA, organizing efforts, and best practices. (1day)  

Sexual Harassment
Law and policy compliance training for managers, and Tribal Leaders. (varies)

Employee Discipline & Grievances
How to protect against grievances and legal actions through fair discipline practices. Training designed for supervisors, managers, and Tribal Leaders. (4 hours)

Employee Performance Reviews
How to conduct a fair and meaningful performance review. Designed for supervisors, managers, and Tribal Leaders. (4 hours)


  • Strategic Planning for Tribal Leadership and Human Resources
  • Emerging Leaders
  • In The Era of #MeToo Movement
  • Building and Blending a Diverse Workforce
  • Creating a Culture of Accountability
  • Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, and Management Training