Training, STRATEGY, and WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT for tribes & tribal leaders

We are skilled and certified trainers and facilitators. We offer diverse training, development and coaching programs for tribes and tribal leaders. Because we recognize and appreciate that each tribe has their own language, culture, and traditions, we tailor our programs to fit your tribes needs. We like to say “we indigenize business, leadership, and professional training.”

What we offer:

Executive Leadership and Management Training

  • Board of Directors

  • Executive Coaching

  • Building High Performing Leadership Teams

  • Emerging Leaders

  • Management Training

    • The 1, 2, 3 ‘s of Management: A Training & Development Crash Course

Harassment & Discrimination Training

  • Harassment & Discrimination for Business Leaders and Managers

  • Harassment & Discrimination for Employees

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Building and Blending a Diverse Workforce

  • Generational Collide: From Gen Z to Gen G.I. (The “Silent Generation”). Understanding the Generational Gaps in the Workplace.


  • Creating a Culture of Accountability

Functional Expertise Training

  • People & Culture / Human Resources

  • Accounting

  • Sales & Business Development

  • Customer Service

Strategic Planning

We understand Tribal structure. We help Tribal Council’s, BOD’s, and Senior Leaders extract vision to create sustainable plans for the future of the Tribe. We help Tribe’s identify viable and sustainable economic development opportunities.

  • Strategic Planning for Tribal Council’s

  • Strategic Planning for BOD’s & Senior Leaders

For specific training opportunities please contact us!