Our team of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) are also skilled and certified trainers and facilitators. We offer diverse training, development and coaching programs for tribes. Because we recognize and appreciate that each tribe has their own language, culture, and traditions, we tailor our programs to fit your tribes needs. We like to say “we indigenize business, leadership and professional training.”

What we offer:

  • Strategic Planning for Tribies & Tribal Leadership

  • Emerging Leaders Training & Development

  • In The Era of #MeToo Movement (Harassment) Training

  • Building and Blending a Diverse Workforce Training

  • Creating a Culture of Accountability Training

  • Generational Collide: Building Cultures of Inclusion Training

  • Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, and Management Training Services


People & Culture

  • Policy & Procedure
    Review personnel / HR policies and highlight issues unique to employment and HR in Indian Country.

  • Tribal Files, Recordkeeping, and Audit Structure
    Best Practices for HR, Personnel, and Compliance files including review and audit.

  • Talent Management Strategy
    We’re all competing for top talent. Therefore, attraction and retention strategy is key when getting and keeping the best and brightest. Let us show you how.

  • Employee Lifecycle

    From recruitment and on-boarding, to separation and everything in between.